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Coffee Table Round up

Over the last while I have been starting to spruce up our home a bit by upgrading some of the furniture and decor. Most of it has seen better days if I'm being honest lol! My main focus to start was our living room, because it's the first thing you see when you walk into our home, and it needed some lovin'! Buying furniture and decor can stress me out because I am such a commitment-phobe with this kind of stuff - it's an investment that I have a hard time whipping the credit card out for sometimes! My tastes change often so it's important to me to find timeless pieces. The other thing is the price tag - I don't want to break the bank - if you're new around here, I am married to an RCMP member, and with that comes the possibility of moving from place to place often.. and with moving comes the risk of damaged furniture from moving companies... oh man I've heard some horror stories! So I try to focus on pieces that aren't difficult to replace budget wise.

Our coffee table was in need of an upgrade and I searched longer than I'd like to admit lol (see commitment-phobe comment above). I am after a sort of boho feel to the space, so I was after a light wood type surface. At first I was convinced I wanted a round coffee table, but I ended up changing my mind (again haha).

I finally ended up settling on this SUPER affordable table from Structube with some help from my bestie scouring the internet with me! I love this table for a few reasons - it was a good size, it had storage, and it was only $150! Seriously! How can you go wrong, if I hated it, it wasn't like I was out hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. Structube is quickly becoming one of my favourite furniture places. They are a Canadian made company, based in Montreal, and their prices are very comparable to that of Ikea! So far, the shipping times have been very reasonable for the few items I have purchased, but have heard some longer than normal waiting times depending on where you are. I live not too far from one of their locations, so I chose the in-store pick up to save on shipping.

We just got the table last week and when it was all set up, I was thrilled with the choice! It's made sturdy, and definitely fits with the natural "boho" feel I'm after. I rounded up some of the other choices I liked for you to check out below, all within a budget friendly price range. Next thing up, a new area rug and end tables!


received_305396947548636 (1).jpg

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