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Showered With Love - Baby Weber's Baby Shower!

Last weekend baby W and I were showered with so much love by our family and friends. My family put together the prettiest safari themed shower (I haven't shown you guys the nursery yet, but it is safari themed!). My sister in law has a very special knack for event planning and creating beautiful spaces and wow she did not disappoint - from the desserts to the decor - her attention to detail was unreal, so of course I wanted to share the details of the day with you!

Decor & Florals

I adored all of the cute safari animal themed stationary and signs scattered throughout the shower - they exactly matched the vibe and feel I am trying to achieve for the baby room. They were digital downloads off Etsy - found here- and then they were printed at Staples on cardstock. There was even fun little shower games for the guests to play, which I've linked here if you ever need game ideas! A lot of the decor are items my SIL already owned prior I believe, but if you're local to the Yorkton and surrounding area, Brittany from Circle the Date event planning is an amazing business to work with for events like these (I rented almost all of our wedding decor from her!). The finishing touch to it all were the beautiful florals and pampas grass from All About Flowers - Stephanie knows how obsessed I am with pampas grass, and she did a great job of incorporating the plumes into the theme of the shower!

Treats, Sweets, and Goodies

The Sweet Life made the most adorable - and more importantly - delicious themed sugar cookies as favours for the guests. My favourite were the cute lion ones! Seriously, I sometimes wish I could eat these sugar cookies everyday lol! They're that good. She also handmade chocolate covered strawberries which were of course a hit, how could they not be? And I can't forget about the yummy blueberry cheese cake tarts made by my mama - mm mm! There was also a mimosa bar, because bubbles are always a good idea! Don't worry, I had the "mom"osa lol which was still just as tasty.

My Baby Shower outfit - You have probably seen me post this dress quite a few times already while being pregnant, and that's because I am quite literally obsessed with it lol. Mostly because there is plenty of room for the growing bump, so I am always comfortable wearing it. It was perfect for both maternity photos and the baby shower! It's from Pink Blush Maternity, and I have linked it here (it also comes in a tonne more colours). I am wearing a size M.

The afternoon, although somewhat stormy with our crazy weather, was still more perfect than I could have pictured. I've always known I have a great circle of friends and family, but times like these make a person feel overwhelmed with gratitude! I can't thank everyone enough who was involved in making such a great shower to celebrate the very quickly approaching arrival of our little dude! Baby Boy will be so excited to meet all of you!

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Mar 07, 2022

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