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Nursery Reveal

My goal was to get this blog post out before Everett was born, but that clearly didn't happen lol! I would be lying if I said the first few weeks of being new parents hasn't been a total whirlwind, so getting to this blog post took way longer than expected! I shared a sneak peek at Everett's nursery earlier on, but wanted to go into more detail about where I found some of the room's items.

Making a themed nursery wasn't something I really planned on doing, because let's be real, our little ones don't really know the difference. However, I did want to make it a calming and enjoyable space more so for myself and Doug because I knew I would probably spend a lot of time in that room for the first few months (which I have been right about so far, and it's my fave room in the house!). We didn't want to paint the nursery a specific colour as of now for the reason I mentioned above - I would rather wait until Everett is older and he has a colour he wants! What made me piece together the theme was these cute wall decals from Rocky Mountain Decals, I loved the green leaves and the tropical feel they had, so I kind of ran with the safari theme because of them! I really liked the idea of using wall decals to decorate the space, because they can be easily changed and removed later on if he doesn't want them.

My next favourite thing in the room is our nursery recliner/rocker. I had so many experienced mama's say having a comfy chair for night feeds is such a live saver, and man were they right. This was a baby gift from my parents, and I have told them numerous times how it has saved us a lot of nights so far lol. This one is from Wayfair but I believe it is sold out.

I love these adorable watercolour prints from Etsy (they matched perfectly with the decor from my baby shower as well!). You can order the digital copies and have them printed yourself, which is super convenient. The photo frames are from Ikea (linked here).

Instead of opting for a change table, we just went with a change pad on top of this dresser, and so far it has worked perfect. The diaper change supplies are in the drawer right below and all within arms reach which is great. I've linked the dresser here. It is super affordable! The round mirror is a find from winners, and then I dressed it up with some simple greenery from Walmart literally just taped on there. lol. On the dresser I have a diaper caddy that I can take throughout the house so I don't always have to come to the nursery to change Everett's diaper. I wanted a cute change pad cover and got this one as a gift from my amazon baby registry - linked here.

And last, but not least is my favourite (and most practical) part of the room - this closet system! We had an idea of what we wanted included in the design and luckily we were able to get the items we needed to build it from Ikea with their closet builder program. I love that there are multiple hanging racks that I can remove as babe's clothes get bigger, and plenty of storage in the drawers for his swaddle blankets, burp cloths, etc.

This room was definitely a labour of love and I am a huge fan of how it turned out! Right now there are some sleepless nights spent in it, but it's all part of the many memories made in this room. Thanks for reading!

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Jan 12, 2022

So beautiful! Love the theme

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