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12 Days of Local Love - Day 9: The Scrub Hub

OK, so we all know that the world is a crazyyy place these days, and that front line workers such as nurses, doctors, etc., are the daily heroes in all of this right now! They are working their butts off to try and keep the public healthy and safe, so this is why I wanted to feature a super neat boutique that helps dress our healthcare workers - Day 9 is The Scrub Hub!

Located in Yorkton SK, The Scrub Hub stocks exactly what the name says - scrubs! In addition to scrubs, they also carry shoes and accessories to make sure you're fully equipped for work. She has so many styles and prints/colours to choose from, and the best part is she ships across Canada so anyone can grab a new work outfit!! The pieces she carries are great quality which is so important - our healthcare workers need to be comfy in their workwear with the crazy hours they have to put in at times! Some of my fave pieces available right now are below:

These joggers are literally perfect for just lounging around the house too, they don't have to be just for work! *adds to cart*

The owner, Jessie, once worked in the agriculture industry, but decided to pursue healthcare when her grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. The motivation to help care for her family and others is what fuelled her idea for The Scrub Hub. Recently she was also recognized by the local Chamber of Commerce with the Young Entrepreneur award, which is definitely deserved!

So even though our healthcare and front line workers are decked out in PPE more often than not lately, it doesn't mean that they can't be sporting cute scrubs underneath! If you know someone working in healthcare and want to show them how much you appreciate their hard work, a little something from The Scrub Hub is a great way to do that all while supporting small/local. You can order your new clothes from their website, and you can check them out on instagram as well!


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