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12 Days of Local Love - Day 7: Prairie Jungle

My obsession for pretty macrame decor is shining through in this series, because I couldn't help but include another talented Saskatchewan macrame artist - Day 7 is for Prairie Jungle!

I think it's important for me to mention that this local love series is meant to showcase many businesses and talents that I am a fan of, and while there are some "duplicates" in the types of businesses I am sharing, the intent is to show you all the different talent of local creators and show you that everyone has their own unique twist to their businesses, and that's what makes each one special!

Megan specializes in custom macrame and even told me that she loves doing custom work the most because that way each customer gets a bit of a different piece that is unique to their request. My absolute favourite item she makes is the crescent moon pieces pictured below:

She also loves plants so of course she makes some beautiful plant hangers! She has such a variety of styles to choose from. Since she does custom work, she can help you by making hangers meant for the different sized potted plants you have!

I honestly wish I would have known about macrame more when I got married, because I would've hands down got a custom one made for our backdrop I think! They are so different and pretty, and the best thing is it's something you can keep afterwards as a special reminder of the big day. How beautiful is this one she did for someone's wedding?!

I've said it before, macrame has such a beautiful and unique minimalist vibe to it and I think it can be suitable decor for any style of space in your home/office/etc. Check out Prairie Jungle's instagram, where you can DM her to place orders! She'll have your space looking Pinterest worthy in no time!


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