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12 Days of Local Love - Day 4: Oneiro Designs


I will come out and say it - I have an obsession with jewelry - it can bring a whole different look to an outfit, and brings out a person's personality through their accessory choice which I think is so neat! This is why I am highlighting another jewelry designer in my local love series - Oneiro Designs (Prounounced oh-nair-oh)!

Alissa is the creator and owner of Oneiro, based out of Saskatoon SK. Before she became her own business owner, she received a degree in Microbiology and immunology and travelled to Southeast Asia for half a year (travel goals much?!). She then came back and started designing her own line of jewels which brought her to where she is today with her successful brand!

What I love about the jewelry is that there is a mix of everything from timeless and classic, to bold and trendy! Every collection that she puts out has a meaningful and special background to it, which makes you feel like you're helping tell the story by wearing one of her pieces. Her recently launched Love Stories collection has such a beautiful vibe to it, and you can tell so much thought, care, and love (no pun intended lol) went into it. The inspo behind this series comes from her great grandparents who were married for 75 years (excuse me while I cry - so freaking adorable!). This is why I love learning about local businesses, there is so much heart and soul that goes into their creations, it makes you feel proud to be repping local.

My first piece I purchased from her was the wildly popular Led by Light necklace and I cannot get enough of it (pictured below). Believe me when I say there are PLENTY other pieces I have my eye on, which I've compiled into a wish-list below that may help with some Christmas gift ideas for someone on your list:

In addition to the beautiful collections Oneiro does, there is one very special necklace that helps an extremely important cause. The metamorphosis necklace is a beautiful butterfly necklace that was created with the purpose of 20% of the earnings going to PATHS, which is a collection of agencies that help provide to people that are victims are domestic violence.

For those that are local to Saskatoon, you can do local pickup of your jewels to save $ on shipping and not have to wait for the mail, another perk of supporting businesses right in your community!


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