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12 Days of Local Love - Day 12: Bloom N Bliss

You've made it to day 12 with me!!! If you've been reading along, thank you so much and I hope I was able to help spark some holiday shopping inspo for you, and if you're just tuning in.. thanks for dropping by to read! This was a fairly large project for me and I really enjoyed exploring all the amazing businesses and the talented entrepreneurs behind the brands.I learned so much from these people by doing this series, and it made me appreciate even more the tremendous amount of heart, passion, and dedication that goes into running a small business!!

Today's business is located in Regina, SK and if you want to win the award for best unique Christmas gift, this could very well be your ticket! Day 12 is none other than Bloom N Bliss!

All photos care of Bloom N Bliss Instagram

If you've never heard of them, they are a floral company that create thee coolest floral arrangements - they last for over a year! Who isn't a fan of flowers that last for months and months?! and yes, they are real flowers, at first my mind could not process how this worked haha. How they do it is they dehydrate the flowers through a series of special steps which allows the flowers to keep their cell structure so they remain beautiful and "alive" looking. So neat! They can create almost any type of coloured roses you want, my favourite are the blush pink and purple ones.

I really do love getting flowers, but I also had trouble justifying the money spent on them sometimes because they can die so quickly! I love that you can enjoy these for so long (and your partner may like the idea of only buying flowers once a year!? lol).

If you are local to Sask and want to purchase one of these beautiful arrangements before Christmas, the team at Bloom N Bliss let me know that they extended their in-province orders until Dec 18! You can find their website here or you can check out their Insta! And if you didn't make it in time for Christmas.... well you are way ahead of the game for Valentines day....(you're welcome) lol!

Again, thank you so so much for participating and reading this series, and more importantly, I hope you all have a safe and peaceful Christmas. I know this holiday season is unlike one we've ever seen before, but I hope you can still make some special memories and take the time to slow down and enjoy!


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