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12 Days of Local Love- Day 3: James Marie Design

Day three is a local business that can't help but warm your heart with the story behind their product! James Marie design is based in Regina, Saskatchewan and Brittany specializes in creating crystal and customized bracelets. She is also the creator behind the Kind Babes Club clothing line and has some amazing crewnecks sweatshirts! When I chatted with her about her business, I instantly felt how genuine and kind Brittany is and how she genuinely wants to make a difference through her creations.

The idea for James Marie (which is named after her twin son and daughter... how cute is that?!) came when she was looking for crystal accessories and couldn't find what she was looking for from any Canadian businesses, so the idea to make her own and sell them sparked her own business venture! What I love about this business is that it is so much more than just beautiful bracelets, she actually donates $5 from the sale of each bracelet to the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital right here in Saskatchewan. For anyone not familiar with the Saskatchewan Children's hospital, our province raised money and worked extremely hard for over ten years to build a state of the art hospital for the kids - something that was a critical necessity in our healthcare system. Brittany said she had always wanted to start a children's charity in the past, and this was the perfect opportunity to combine her charity dreams and creativity together!

So not only are you supporting a local business when you buy a beautiful crystal bracelet set, you are helping support children and their families who need the medical care from our children's hospital, and I think that is beyond special.

In addition to her jewelry, her Kind Babes Club crewnecks are the best lounge day sweater, all while spreading a very important message - to just be kind. I love it! Any of these pieces would be a great Christmas gift for that special person on your list (They even have Kind Gents crewnecks), and I'm sure whoever receives it will love knowing the story behind it as well!!


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